Why Choose Electrical & Electronics Engineering?

Electrical and Electronics Engineering concerns the science and technology related to generating, distributing and consuming electrical energy for the benefit of mankind. Our future responsibility is to achieve this in a safe, sustainable and cost effective way. Electrical Engineers develop, test and supervise the manufacture of Electrical equipment. Some of this equipment includes electric motors, machinery controls, lighting and wiring in building, radar and navigation systems, communication systems, power generation, control and transmission devices used by electric utilities.

Career Opportunities

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive Energy

  • IT & Telecommunication

  • Solar Energy

  • Non Conventional Energy Sources

  • UPS Companies

  • Eligible to take direct admission in the 2nd year of B.E./ B.Tech courses in the relevant disciplines.

Semester 1

Communication English I Engineering Mathematics – I Engineering Mathematics – I Engineering Physics – I Engineering Chemistry – I Engineering Graphics – I Engineering Physics – I Practical Engineering Chemistry – I Practical

Semester 2

Communication English II Engineering Mathematics – III Engineering Mathematics – IV Engineering Physics –II Engineering Chemistry – II Engineering Graphics – II Engineering Physics – II Practical Engineering Chemistry – II Practical Workshop Practice

Semester 3

Electrical Circuit Theory Electrical Machines – I Electronic Devices and Circuits Electrical Circuits and Machines Practical Electronics Devices and Circuits Practical Work Shop Practical Computer Applications Practical

Semester 4

Electrical Machines – II Measurements and Instruments Digital Electronics Transducers and Signal Conditioners Electrical Machines and Instrumentation Practical Digital Electronics & Linear Integrated Circuits Practical Communication and Life Skill Practice

Semester 5

Power System – I Micro Controller Special Electrical Machines Elective Theory – I Electrical Circuits Simulation Practical Micro Controller Practical Elective Practical – I

Semester 6

Power system – II Electrical Estimation and Energy Auditing Elective Theory – II Wiring and Winding Practical Computer Aided Electrical Drawing Elective Practical – II Project Work