Why Choose Computer Engineering ?

With the boom of IT and ITES industry in India, India is sure to be a power in the IT world. India offers rich talents, advanced skills, plentiful human resources. We at H.I.E.T are committed to growth that will empower every student of ours to tap this huge potential. Therefore, there is wide scope for the Diploma holders who complete the Diploma in Computer Engineering.

Career Opportunities

  • Software & Hardware Engineers

  • UPS Companies

  • Eligible to join Engineering Degree Courses direct in 2nd year in the relevant disciplines.

Semester 1

Communication English I Engineering Mathematics – I Engineering Mathematics – I Engineering Physics – I Engineering Chemistry – I Engineering Graphics – I Engineering Physics – I Practical Engineering Chemistry – I Practical

Semester 2

Communication English II Engineering Mathematics – III Engineering Mathematics – IV Engineering Physics –II Engineering Chemistry – II Engineering Graphics – II Engineering Physics – II Practical Engineering Chemistry – II Practical Workshop Practice

Semester 3

Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Operating Systems C Programming Electrical & Electronics Practical Linux Practical C Programming Practical Computer Applications Practical **

Semester 4

Computer Architecture Computer Networks and Security Objects Oriented Programming with Java Data Structures using C Java Programming Practical Data Structures using C Practical Communication and Life SkillsPractical **

Semester 5

Web Programming Relational Database and ManagementSystems .NET Programming Elective – I – Theory a). Concepts of Advanced Computing b). Software Engineering Web Programming Practical Relational Database and Management Systems Practical .NET Programming Practical

Semester 6

Computer Hardware and Servicing Mobile Computing Elective – II Theory a). Multimedia Systems b). Open Source Software Computer Servicing and Network Practical System Administration Practical Elective – II – Practical a). Multimedia Systems Practical b). Open Source Software Practical c).Project Work and Entrepreneurship