Why Choose Automobile Engineering ?

With the entry of several leading international car and truck manufacturers, there is an extreme demand for qualified service engineers in automobile engineering.

Career Opportunities

  • Manufacturing

  • Product Development

  • Repair & Servicing

  • RTO Officers

  • Technician Post in Defence Services

  • Solar Energy

  • Non Conventional Energy Sources

  • Eligible to join direct 2nd year of B.E. course in the disciplines like, Aeronautical, Automobile, Mechanical, Production Engineering etc.

Semester 1

Communication English I Engineering Mathematics – I Engineering Mathematics – I Engineering Physics – I Engineering Chemistry – I Engineering Graphics – I Engineering Physics – I Practical Engineering Chemistry – I Practical

Semester 2

Communication English II Engineering Mathematics – III Engineering Mathematics – IV Engineering Physics –II Engineering Chemistry – II Engineering Graphics – II Engineering Physics – II Practical Engineering Chemistry – II Practical Workshop Practice

Semester 3

Strength of Materials * Automobile Engines Automobile Chassis and Transmission Machine Drawing * Mechanical Testing & Quality Control Practical * Automobile Chassis and Transmission Practical Computer Application Practical **

Semester 4

Manufacturing Technology – I * Heat Power Engineering Industrial Automation Computer Aided Machine Drawing Practical * Manufacturing Technology – I Practical * Heat Power Engineering Practical Industrial Automation Practical

Semester 5

Industrial Management and Road Transport Organisation Manufacturing Technology – II * Autotronics Elective – I Theory
Alternate Fuels and Energy Systems
Automobile Maintenance Industrial RoboticsAutotronics Practical Manufacturing Technology – II Practical * Communication and Life Skills Practical **

Semester 6

Body Building Engineering Computer Integrated Manufacturing* Elective – II Theory
Two and Three Wheeler Technology
Tractor and Farm EquipmentsAeronautics Engineering Computer Integrated ManufacturingPractical * Automobile Workshop Practical Elective – II Practical
Two and Three Wheeler Technology Practical
Tractor and Farm Equipments PracticalAeronautics Engineering Practical Project Work *